Baked Goods $4.75

Gluten Free Options
Daily Deal $7.00

Muffin served with a medium beverage


Breakfast Wrap - $8.50

     Egg, Bacon, Cheddar, Arugula, Tomato, Roasted tomato aioli


Breakfast Sandwich - $8.75

     Egg, Bacon, Cheddar, Arugula, Tomato, Sriracha Mayo


Ham and Cheese Croissant- $9.00

     Ham, Cheese, arugula

Fruit and Granola Yoghurt Parfait - $4.75

Chia Seed Pudding - $4.75

Oatmeal - $3.50

Fruit loops - $4.50

Hashbrown Ham & Egg Basket - $7.00


Baked Goods


Hot Drinks

Cittadella Coffee

Iced Beverages

Bottled Beverages


Assorted Teas $4.00

Served with Steamed Milk
Milk Substitutes: Almond, Soy or Oat Add $1.00


Cocktails at the Caffe

Blueberry Tea

Whiskey, Hot Black Tea and Triple Sec


Sparkling Wine, Triple Sec, OJ


Kahula Martini

Kahula, Vodka and Iced Espresso


Royal Tea

Gin, Iced Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Fizz



Licor 43, Iced Espresso Coffee topped with Coffee Beans


Baileys Irish Coffee

Baileys, Whiskey, Hot Coffee/Whipped Cream

Hot Toddy

Whiskey and Hot Traditional Chai 



8oz Soup and Salad - $12.50

  Enjoy our soup of the day and any salad.


8oz Soup and Sandwich - $15.50

  Enjoy our soup of the day and one of our delicious sandwiches.

8oz Soup with Sandwich and Beer - $19.00

8oz Soup and Egg/Salami Sandwich - $9.00

Sandwich and Salad- $16.50

  Enjoy our salad with one of our delicious sandwiches.

Traditional Chai with Muffin - $7.00

12oz Latte and Muffin - $7.00

Medium Latte/Tea + Muffin/Breakfast Croissant -$15.00


Medium Latte or Americano and Muffin - $7.00

**20% off the drink of your choice with all combo purchases

Caffe Cittadella exterior, best coffee


8oz - $7.50                      12oz - $9.00

Country Chicken Vegetable


Organic Lentil (Vegetarian)


Triple Bean Veggie Chilli 


Italian Wedding Soup 


Pea Soup with Smoked Ham 


Chickpea Potato (Vegetarian)




Beef Chilli 

Caffe Cittadella Soup



Caffè Cittadella

Best Coffee Shop in Vancouver

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All Afternoon!

6oz Red or White Wine 


Add Pastry or Chips and Salsa