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Fresh Baked Pastries $6.00


$1 off* when Paired with a Large Beverage

Butter Croissant

Served with Butter and Jam


Chocolate Croissant

Almond Croissant / Danish

Banana Loaf

Chocolate Black Bean Brownie (V/GF)

Apple Turnovers

Served Warm with Whipped Cream


Cherry Cheese Danish


Spinach Ricotta Cheese Danish


Raisin Swirl Danish


Butter Tarts – $5.00

Served Warm with Whipped Cream

Cinnamon Buns

Served Warm with Cream Cheese Icing

Scones (Blueberry and Cranberry)

Served with Butter and Jam

Triple Chocolate Brownie

Served Warm with Whipped Cream

Cookies - Chocolate Chip or Oatmeat

To Go Bag of 4 - $8.00

Sugar Cookie - Extra Large

Palm Leaves Butter Flake Cookies

Donuts - Chocolate or Vanilla Glazed


*Valid in Caffè dining only

Candy and Treat Bags To Grab and Go $5.00

Assorted Gummy Candies


Chocolate Covered Almonds

Fruit and Nut Energy Mix

Seasonal Treats

Halloween / Christmas / Valentine's Day / Easter

Gluten Free and Vegan Pastries $6.00

Keto Muffins (V) $6.80

Peanut Butter Confetti Square  (GF)

(Peanut Butter/Marshmallows/Butterscotch chips) 


Black Bean Oatmeal Brownie (GF/V)   

(Black Beans/Oatmeal/Maple Syrup/Pure Cocoa)

Power Ball (GF/V)

(Dates/Oatmeal/Peanut Butter/Raisins/Cranberries/ Chia and Sunflower seeds/Maple Syrup/Coconut)

(Protein Enriched with Beans / Chickpeas)

Vegetarian and Vegan Selections

Breakfast Sandwich - $11.00

     Egg, Cheddar, Arugula, Tomato, Mayo

Fresh Baked Croissant - $9.00

     Cheddar, Arugula, Tomato, Mayo

Egg Salad Sandwich - $11.00

     Served With Chips

Toasted Bagel and Cream Cheese - $6.00 

Spinach Ricotta Cheese Danish - $6.00

Macaroni and Cheese - $11.00

Vegetarian Samosa - $5.00 / 2 pieces for $9.00

     Served with Chutney 

Soba Noodles with Stir Fried Vegetables - $9.00 


Corn Chips and Salsa - $4.00

Baked Beans and Brie on Toast with Sauerkraut $11.00


Served With Toast and Chips


Minestrone Vegetable Soup (Vegetarian)


Organic Lentil Soup (Vegan)


French Canadian Pea Soup (Vegan)


Cream of Mushroom Soup (Vegetarian)


Tomato Soup (Vegan) 


Triple Bean Veggie Chilli (Vegan)

Add a Sandwich for $6.50

Daily Caffe Deals

Medium Beverage with Muffin - $9.80

Choose Your Hand Crafted Beverage 

Paired with a Muffin 

(Assorted Varieties Available)


Coffee Cake of the Day ($6.00 Per Slice)

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble

Carrot and Spice 

Vanilla Confetti Celebration 

Caffe Favourites

Medium Beverage with Muffin - $9.80

Choose Your Hand Crafted Beverage 

Paired with a Muffin (Assorted Varieties Available)

Coffee Cake* of the Day - $6.00 Per Slice


Black Bean Oatmeal Brownie* (GF/V) - $6.00


Cinnamon Buns*  - $6.00

served with Cream Cheese Icing


*Any Pastry Paired with a Medium Hand Crafted Beverage** - $9.80


Baileys Irish Coffee - $12.00

Baileys, Whiskey, Hot Coffee/Whipped Cream

Cittadella Coffee

**Deal applicable for in Caffè dining only

Breakfast at the Caffe

Delicious Hot Breakfast Choices

*Served with Toast, Salsa and Chips

Traditional European Breakfast $18.99

Egss Your Way, European Sausage or Ham or Turkey, Toast, Hashbrowns, Baked Beans, Tomato, Chips, Salsa


Egg Frittata Hash Brown Quiche - $8.00 (2 for $13.80)

Optional add-ons -Ham, Cheese, Tomatoes  


Ham or Turkey and Cheese Croissant - $11.00

Ham or Turkey, Cheese, Tomatoes

Breakfast Pita Sandwich - $11.00

Egg, Ham or Turkey, Cheddar, Arugula, Tomato, Mayo

Breakfast Everything Bagel - $11.00

Egg, Ham or Turkey, Cheddar, Arugula, Tomato, Mayo

Morning Energy Delights

Fruit and Granola Yoghurt Parfait - $6.00

Yogurt, Granola and Berries


Granola and Yoghurt Chia Seed Pudding - $6.00

Chia Seeds Soaked in Oat Milk, Yogurt and Berries


Hot Oatmeal - $6.00

Served with brown sugar and cinnamon 


Fruit loops - $4.50

Served with your choice of milk or milk substitute 


Power Ball (GF/V) - $6.00

(Dates/Oatmeal/Peanut Butter/Raisins/Cranberries/Chia and Sunflower seeds/Maple Syrup/Coconut)


*Add Baileys / Whiskey / Brandy / Assorted Liquor Shot ($5.00)

Hot Drinks

*Add Flavour Shot ($1.25)

Cittadella Coffee

Iced Beverages 16oz

Bottled/Canned Beverages $4.00

Regular Cola / Diet Cola

(Coke / Pepsi)

Ginger Ale Canada Dry


Assorted Sodas

(Root Beer / Orange Crush / Grape Crush / Cream Soda)


Ginger Beer / Tonic Water


Ice Tea

Perrier Sparkling Water

(Assorted Flavours)

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water

(Assorted Flavours)

Vitamin Water

(Assorted Flavours)


Sparkling Ice Flavoured Water


Chocolate Milk


Orange Juice


Water - $3.00


Energy Drinks – Red Bull - $5.00

Assorted Teas $5.00

Served with Steamed Milk


Milk Substitutes: Almond, Soy or Oat Add $1.00

Loose leaf tea
Coffee machine



Cocktails* at the Caffe $12.00

Baileys Irish Coffee:

Baileys, Whiskey, Hot Coffee/Whipped Cream


Sparkling Wine, Triple Sec, OJ

Kahula Martini:

Kahula, Vodka and Iced Espresso


Licor 43, Iced Espresso Coffee topped with Coffee Beans

Indian Hot Toddy:

Brandy and Hot Traditional Chai 

Blueberry Tea:

Whiskey, Triple Sec and Hot Black Tea

Royal Tea:

Gin, Iced Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Fizz

Gin and Tonic

Vodka and Soda or OJ

Whiskey or Rum and Coke 


*Custom Orders Accepted

Daily Caffe Lunch Favourites

Turkey and Brie Cheese Grilled Sandwich - $11.00

Add Soup $16.00


Soup and Salad - $12.50

  Enjoy our soup of the day and a salad.


Soup and Sandwich - $16.00

 Enjoy our soup of the day and one of our delicious sandwiches.

Add a beer or beverage for $19.00


Baked Macaroni and Cheese - $11.00

 Served with Toast / Add Salad - $12.50


Vegetarian Samosa - $5.00 or 2 for $9.00

Served with Chutney 


Soup and Egg Salad Sandwich - $15.50

Baked Beans and Brie on Toast with Sauerkraut - $11.00

Mini Mac & Cheese Pastry - $6.00 (2 for $11.00)

Happy Hour Every Day!

Buy 1 Medium Beverage With A Food Item

Get Second Medium Beverage Half Price

Monday – Saturday 5pm-6pm

Sunday- 4-5pm 

*Valid in Caffè dining only

Caffe Cittadella exterior, best coffee



Served with Toast and Chips


Country Chicken Vegetable


Organic Lentil (Vegan)


Triple Bean Veggie Chilli (Vegan)


Beef Chilli


Italian Wedding Soup 


Pea Soup with or without Smoked Ham 


Cream of Mushroom Soup (Vegetarian)


Tomato Soup


Minestrone Vegetable Soup (Vegetarian)



Red or White House Wine 

6oz $6.50 / 9oz $10.50 

Sparkling Wine 

6oz $9.00




Bottled Beer Assorted



Liquor Shots


Single Shot (35ml) $5.00

Double Shot (70ml) $9.00


Licor 43

Spiced Whiskey


French Brandy

Bombay Gin

Bacardi Rum



Baked Beans and Brie on Toast 
With Sauerkraut

Baked Beans.jpg


Add a Beer for $5

Caffè Cittadella

Best Coffee Shop in Vancouver

Enjoy Your Afternoon at the Caffe

6oz Glass

Red or White Wine 


Add Chips and Salsa


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